What is TMT or Transcendental Massage Therapy

TMT integrates your entire being by restoring your own balance & bringing wisdom from within. A tranquil setting with a relaxing aromatherapy foot soak starts off this harmonising treatment.

Relax with some soothing chamomile tea whilst an internationally qualified & accredited Neuro Coach & Holistic Therapist will gently guide you through the Mbit coaching technique and Consultation.

This allows you to achieve congruence in your head, heart & gut intelligence. Your Holistic Therapist will then perform an energy aligning massage which incorporates the life force energy of Reiki, the wisdom of Mbit, & the harmony and self-realization that comes from the rhythm of the transcending, flowing and gliding strokes of the massage technique.

A luxurious hand and foot mask with soft, warm mittens is incorporated into your experience, leaving you feeling completely relaxed, & pampered with a complete understanding of your gut intuitions, heartfelt emotions, head based creative powers & wisdom.