Detach yourself from Anxiety and promote harmony, congruence, and self-realization

ND Yag Carbon Laser Treatment

Carbon laser facials are internationally used to exfoliate the skin, reducing pore size and even out skin tone, which leaves the skin looking beautifully radiant. Also known as C02 Carbon Dioxide Peel & Hollywood Peel.

Yolk Cloth & My PA Facial Mittens

The Yolk Instant Make-Up Remover Cloth removes Waterproof make-up, stay-fast lipstick & instantly purifies your skin without having to use any cleanser! It isn’t magic, it’s science!


TMT intergrates your entire being by restoring your own balance & bringing wisdom from within. A tranquil setting with a relaxing aromatherapy foot soak starts off this harmonising treatment.


Neuro coaching has been around for many years, but mbraining for the last decade. Over the past decade neuro science has discovered that we have complex and functional Brains in both our Head, Heart & Gut Brains.

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